4 Upgrades to Catch the Eye of Luxury Homebuyers

* With the real estate market on the upswing, especially for high-end houses, many house owners are thinking about putting their houses on the market. In fact, specialists state that high-end home sales increased at the end of 2015, which ended a nine-month downturn. The average rate of a high-end home was over $1.5 million and sales of luxury homes are expected to continue to climb this year.

If you re wanting to put your digs up for sale, here are four ways to draw in a luxury buyer and increase your market price.

1. Follow Tech Trends

A current research study from Better Homes and Gardens reports that upscale property buyers have their eye on tech. A substantial 87 percent stated they would even think about not buying a home if it was not tech-friendly.

Smart home appliances, thermostats, home security and security systems, and home theater leading their list of techy home devices. These wise devices assist property owners keep track of and manage their property remotely, which is perfect for when they are traveling or have a long day at work. Plus, clever TVs, lights and stereos look pretty cool.

2. Buy Enhanced Appliances

Today’s luxury homebuyer desires a cooking area that is smart and wise. The luxury of hands-free faucets, Wi-Fi ovens and touchscreen refrigerators are trendy right now.

And black stainless-steel is a winner that virtually howls upscale.

3. Establish Outdoor Living

When you’re trying to attract luxury property buyers, add functions like a fire pit, gorgeous plant and high-end outdoor furniture to your outdoor living space. If you want to go the extra mile, set up a TELEVISION to add some entertainment to the space.

4. Phase the Property

One of the easiest ways to increase your home’s value and draw in those with an eye for high-end is through appropriate staging. Property buyers are interested in intense, airy spaces, so a coat of top quality paint in tones of aqua or orange can really change up the look of a space.

Decluttering the home is a must. Clean, crisp decor and rich fabrics on beds and other furniture boosts the look of your home. Egyptian cotton towels and robes together with top quality bath products in the bathrooms provide a spa-like feel. High-end houses rarely have matching furnishings, so include various patterns and materials into each space for an elevated feel.